WIA Recommends: Pixar Podcast 092

Taking a look back through the Pixar podcast archives, we came across a great in-depth interview with Bingham Young  University Centre for Animation student Jenna Barton from 2013.

It’s a funny and insightful interview in which Jenna discusses her path to animation, her feelings on her course and her future ambitions. She speaks frankly about the learning curve and the imposter syndrome she felt during the course and offers some great advice on keeping your passion alive and avoiding burnout.

BYU Centre for Animation has received a lot of media recognition over the past few years due to its students successes in the animation world. Recent animation grad Lauren Taylor’s short film ‘Estefan’ won the 2012 Siggraph Computer Animation Festival “Best Student Project” award and the 1st place student Emmy award in the animation category.

estefan001Still from Estefan

This podcast is a must for those just starting on their path in animation but Jenna’s humour and honesty make it a great listen for everyone! So go check it out here!

And you can watch a clip from Lauren Taylor’s Emmy award winning short ‘Estefan’ on vimeo here!

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